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Aspire Programme

Aspire programme targets teenagers and young adults with autism aged 15 to 25. Like other service units at APF, Aspire also adopts ABA as its teaching methodology, aiming to let every teenager and young adult with autism to develop a holistic range of skills that will be needed as they enter the world of work and adulthood. The full day programme operates in a self-financed model which incorporates elements like leisure, hobbies and community engagement. It also provides work opportunities for suitable participants so as to pave the way for them to integrate into society in the future.

Individuals with autism have to face various challenges in their lives, so our therapists develop and deliver a range of critical programmes for training different skills depending on each participant’s needs. Related areas include reducing disruptive behaviours, understanding relationships, being flexible with changes, problems solving and more. Aspire also focuses strongly on developing hobbies and leisure skills. Areas of development include sports, arts, music, cooking and more. By providing systematic teaching for new areas of interest, we target to explore different sports and hobbies that participants may want to continue to do in their adult lives for finding out their direction of development.

Each participant in our programme is uniquely different with specific skill sets, different abilities and pace of development. Hence, we provide a flexible and highly individualised programme for each of them. Our clinical team would meet parents regularly for structured reviews and discussions on their children’s learning progress to maximise their potentials in a joint effort. Meanwhile, on leaving our programme, each participant would bring with them a customised portfolio that specifies all the various skills that they can deliver in practical job scenarios, giving employers an easy-to-understand overview of what they are able to do.