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Autism Partnership Foundation is always dedicated in providing supports to individuals with Autism and educating the industries and public through organizing conferences, events and workshops.

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2020-09-04 Wearing is Caring – Reusable masks for charity sale

Keenly Green has launched a reusable mask for charity sale, all the proceeds will be donated to APF for supporting underprivileged children with autism.
2020-07-06 We Have Not Stopped at this Critical Time…...

Covid-19 Cannot Affect Our Determination
But Without Your Support, We Cannot Make It
2020-04-30 Autism Awareness Actions 2020 - Charity Sale

In response to “Autism Awareness Actions 2020”, Ahiru No Pekkle, who is always kindhearted, is back to support children with autism again!
2020-04-02 Autism Awareness Actions 2020

In support of “World Autism Awareness Day” on 2nd April designated by the United Nations, APF organises “Autism Awareness Actions” in April for generating public awareness of autism and fundraising to help more children with autism.
2019-12-31 Christmas Party

We organised a Christmas Party for more than 100 parents and children recently. Everyone dressed with Christmas outfits which made the whole venue full of festive atmosphere.
2019-12-23 “A” BLUE Christmas – Charity Sale

APF continues to collaborate with Ahiru No Pekkle (AP) launching limited edition towel sets in this Christmas.
2019-11-29 “A” Blue Christmas

APF organises “A” BLUE Christmas (blue is the global colour synonymous with “supporting autism”) again this year.
2019-11-01 Three-Day Parents’ Training Workshop

APF conducted a three-day parents’ training workshop from 22 to 24 October, which helped parents strengthen their children’s spontaneous communication in daily life.
2019-09-09 Snowy Mooncake Workshop

We held a snowy mooncake workshop in late August to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival.
2019-07-12 Italian Pizza Baking Party

On an early summer day in June, we invited our beneficiaries to join us in our Pizza Baking Party.