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Coffee Charity Sale 2023-04-03

In response to “Autism Awareness Actions 2023”, Autism Partnership Foundation (APF) will launch limited sets of coffee drip bags for charity sale. With the product’s packaging being designed by AP School students and coffee bags individually packaged by Aspire’s participants at a licensed food production premise, we show true to our Autism Awareness campaign’s slogan that “People with ASD can contribute” and put “love” and “care” into the products for others. 

There will be two special sets: CARE and LOVE. You are welcomed to buy 4 boxes (4 different letters) to get “CARE” or “LOVE” sets, and 9 boxes for “CARE ❤️ LOVE”. The easy-to-carry drip bag allows everyone to bring coffee out and send love to people. Coffee drip bags are good both as a present and for personal use. The fund raised will be used to provide ABA treatment and related services to people with autism and their families. Do not miss this charity sale! 

Video: https://youtu.be/NwDX4vHEzuc
Online purchase: https://forms.gle/zXoozQWNcdJt2PzL7

Special acknowledgement: Craving Good for providing coffee beans from vulnerable groups and farmers in different parts of the world

If you have any enquiry, please contact 3583 0451 or email to event@apf.org.hk.