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Listening to Those Who Matter Most, the Beneficiaries

With the support of donors since 2007, Autism Partnership Foundation has been fulfilling a mission of supporting individuals with autism and helping them in achieving the greatest degree of independence and highest quality of life possible.

You can read the remarkable stories of the beneficiaries from our services.

2021-04-15 1 Month Intensive Treatment Beneficiaries

Our therapists set up individual goals for each child and helped them make the most progress in different areas.
2021-03-16 Learning Buddies programme stories

By simulating real life scenarios and sharing knowledge in everyday life, the little buddies acquired essential general knowledge and social skills from our therapists through systematic and interactive trainings.
2021-01-20 1 Month Intensive Treatment Beneficiaries

During one-month treatment, children have grown and achieved significant improvements in behaviour, language, social development and more areas.
2020-11-24 The distress of using a stroller

Sing who was about 4 years old, needed a stroller when going out. This attracted the eyes and gossip of passers-by. Sing’s mother revealed that taking care of Sing was challenging. She hoped that people can better understand about the obstacles and helplessness of the caregivers.
2020-10-29 1 Month Intensive Treatment Beneficiaries

Our therapists formulated an individualised treatment programme for every child. They have all improved greatly after a month of hard work.
2020-10-21 Behaviour management for children with autism in early years

It is uneasy for some parents to accept that their children have autism. When children exhibit problem behaviours in public places, parents feel very embarrassed and avoid taking their children out. Chi’s mother is different. She had quickly accepted the fact that Chi has autism, but she felt helpless about how to deal with Chi’s emotions and behaviours.
2020-09-04 Learning Buddies programme stories

The little buddies enjoyed playing together. Buddies also learnt different new knowledge and improved their social skills through systematic training and interesting activities.
2020-08-27 1 Month Intensive Treatment Beneficiaries

A month has passed, children have improved significantly in different areas such as language, communication and social skills.
2020-08-20 “Believe your child can improve with effective training.”

Many parents with children with autism are always eager to see their children’s improvement. Hailey’s mother felt frustrated by Hailey’s slow progress after receiving different training programmes. She has finally realised the importance of effective treatment when she saw the significant changes of her daughter by receiving Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) treatment.
2020-08-03 1 Month Intensive Treatment Beneficiaries

After a month of training, all children have improved greatly in different aspects, including attention level and play skills.