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Parents Training

APF believes that empowering parents with knowledge they need to support their child with autism is vital. To address this need, we cooperate with other NGOs to introduce a series of parent education workshops. Throughout the year, we will be conducting talks and hands on trainings for low income families. 

Topics - Diagnosis Autism

What is now and what is the future? (3 hours presentation) 

This presentation is specifically designed for parents who have recently received a diagnosis for their child and would like to seek more knowledge about autism, the various treatment options, the research studies and what the future holds for children with ASD. 

Understanding Behavior Problems (3 hours presentation)

 Many parents have difficulties dealing with various kinds of behavioural problems. This talk provides a solid foundation for understanding of reasons and functions of children’s actions and behaviours; and implementing practical plans for solving these problems.  Numerous case studies and videos will be shown to enable parents to examine real life examples. 

Increasing Spontaneous Speech (3 hours hands on workshop) 

 Most children with autism may have challenges with communication. This hands-on workshop will teach practical, research proven techniques for parents to use with their children.  The focus will be on how to increase spontaneous speech.  After being given some instruction on techniques, parents will be required to role play and practice those skills in small group. 

Effective Teaching Techniques (4 successive hands on sessions of 3 hours)

Students with autism can be difficult to teach and may require specific techniques for educators or parents to be effective.  This hands-on training will focus on parents working with students with autism to develop their teaching skills. A variety of areas will be covered such as techniques to motivate, to provide effective assistance, to develop independence, to get better attention and other useful research proven techniques. 

Social Skills (3 hours presentation) 

It can be very confusing to understand where to begin when teaching social skills to children with autism. This presentation will provide a clear road map of how to conceptualize social skills curricular and how to develop curriculum.  Numerous videos will be shown to demonstrate how to implement these programs with children at various levels of functioning and age.

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