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Listening to Those Who Matter Most, the Beneficiaries

With the support of donors since 2007, Autism Partnership Foundation has been fulfilling a mission of supporting individuals with autism and helping them in achieving the greatest degree of independence and highest quality of life possible.

You can read the remarkable stories of the beneficiaries from our services.

2022-05-04 Professional treatment combined with effective parenting

Chun Ho likes opening and closing doors over and over again. His mother did not know how to handle this behavioural problem. During a month of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) treatment, she witnessed and experienced effective solutions.
2022-04-28 1 Month Intensive Treatment Beneficiaries

After a month of intensive training, each child’s abilities have improved.
2022-03-09 1 Month Intensive Treatment Beneficiaries

Each child who participated in the one-month intensive ABA treatment had their individual training goals. Let’s take a look at their learning progress!
2022-02-24 Strict Mum vs Buddy

Every parent has different expectations towards their children. Andy has ASD and his mother used to be a strict mother and often pushed Andy to improve. But she later realised that the most important thing for children is to grow up happily.
2022-01-20 “Learning Buddies” has changed our lives

Ho joined the “Learning Buddies” programme last year, his mother would like to share with us his changes…
2022-01-15 1 Month Intensive Treatment Beneficiaries

From December to early January, APF provided one month one-on-one intensive ABA treatment for seven children with ASD. We set corresponding training targets for each of the children in accordance with their situations, behaviours and personalities. They have improved significantly. Let’s take a look at the stories of these children (Ho, Tik and Jacob)!
2021-12-31 “Learning Buddies” programme stories

During the group treatment programme, our therapists trained the Little Buddies’ communication, social and play skills through different games and activities.
2021-12-29 Social skills enhancement makes children become confident

Many children with ASD are afraid of or are not good at interacting with people, and also feel frustrated because they cannot fit in with others, so the training of social skills is very important.
2021-12-21 Effective treatment is far more important

For some families who have children with autism, effective treatment is far more important than the support from the government…
2021-12-15 Treatment improved relationship between the two sisters Taiwanese mother decided staying in Hong Kong for family reunion

While Risa’s mother, a Taiwanese who got married in Hong Kong, is taking care of her little daughter Risa with autism, what she needs to think twice before she acts is about the geographical concern…