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1 Month Intensive Treatment Beneficiaries 2018-12-18

“I can go to the toilet by myself!”

Wing Yu likes eating snacks very much. As he was unable to go to toilet independently and needed to wear diapers, our therapist conducted an intensive toilet training programme to speed up his toilet training progress. Once he had voided in the toilet, he would be rewarded with a token and could enjoy some snacks. At the beginning of the training, Wing Yu used to sing the alphabet song while sitting on the toilet. Under the guidance of our therapist for a few weeks, Wing Yu was able to keep a distance from the toilet. After completion of the training, he is able to communicate his need to use the toilet by using a toilet card.

“Where is the Ovaltine?”

Hei was weak at listening to instructions and asking questions. As Hei loved food and drinks very much, our therapist made a cup of Ovaltine with him in every training session. He has gradually learnt to respond to different instructions. He was also encouraged to ask for help proactively. To increase his awareness of the environment, our therapist once quickly took away the cup of Ovaltine after Hei taking a sip of it. He finally realised and asked “Where is the Ovaltine?” After a series of training, his abilities of listening and asking questions have greatly improved.

“I have grown up!”

“I want my Mum…...” Lok was yelling and lying face down on the floor one day when he was having therapy. Lok’s mother had told us that Lok cried and yelled every morning before going to school and she had no idea how to handle him. Since Lok loves people praising him for being good, our therapist adopted teaching interactions method to help him. She first differentiated “being a grown-up” and “being a baby” with Lok. He was then reinforced when he behaved appropriately. Our therapist also taught Lok self-help skills through role-plays. We invited Lok’s mother to come to our centre to simulate the situation at their home, and then helped her master her skills to handle Lok. After a month of training, Lok has become less frustrated and can control his emotions better, and he can go to school smoothly every morning!

 “I am angry!”

One day, Wai was repeating some emotion adjectives such as happy and angry. She was learning different emotions from our therapist. Knowing how to express emotions is very important to everyone especially children with autism. Wai only knew one type of emotions, that is happy. She would therefore express her feelings and needs by using other methods such as crying. To improve her communication skills, our therapist prepared many cards to help her identify and understand more emotions including sad, angry and scared. The therapist later set different situations which might trigger Wai’s certain emotion, then guided her to recognise and express her feelings with words. Our therapist once took away toys from Wai purposely and asked how she felt. Wai was able to use words to express herself, and responded “I am angry!”