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Listening to Those Who Matter Most, the Beneficiaries

With the support of donors since 2007, Autism Partnership Foundation has been fulfilling a mission of supporting individuals with autism and helping them in achieving the greatest degree of independence and highest quality of life possible.

You can read the remarkable stories of the beneficiaries from our services.

2018-11-05 1 Month Intensive Treatment Beneficiaries

With the help of our therapists, 6 children improved in different areas after one month of intensive treatment.
2018-10-25 Getting Well Equipped to Support Our Children

When Ming was one-and-a-half-year-old, I noticed that he was different from other children. He did not speak and did not make eye contact with people......
2018-08-31 1 Month Intensive Treatment Beneficiaries

Time Flies. Six children have completed their treatment. Let’s take a look at their stories.
2018-08-10 I am not an ambitious mother

Parents often hope their children to be successful and have a bright future, so they usually have high expectations on their children, and arrange various extra-curricular classes for their children apart from their normal school lives. In contrast, a mother whose daughter with autism wish only her daughter Yoyo to make new friends by learning to express herself at her own pace.
2018-08-03 Learning Buddies programme in-class stories

Learning Buddies programme has been launched for a few months, let us see how are the buddies doing!
2018-06-26 There must be a way if you take actions, no matter how smooth or how tough the way is

One said, “All roads lead to Rome”. Teng’s mother could not agree more with this proverb. She further elaborated, “There must be a way if you take actions, no matter how smooth or how tough it is.” Most parents raising children with Autism feel lost about the future, but Teng’s mother is an exception. She is very positive and optimistic that all of us could learn a lesson from her.
2018-06-06 1 Month Intensive Treatment Beneficiaries

Read the stories to learn more about the kids’ improvement.
2018-05-07 1 Month Intensive Treatment Beneficiaries

One month sounds short, but making good use of it, everyone has improved a lot.
2018-04-19 A fruitful ending after a lot of difficulties

If sending kids with special needs to mainstream schools is the goal of their parents, Kobe’s mother did it! To her, the past few years were like riding on a roller-coaster. Every single step was a big challenge.
2018-02-12 1 Month Intensive Treatment Beneficiaries

After a month, several children have just completed their treatment. Everyone has improved a lot.