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Autism Awareness Actions 2020 - Charity Sale 2020-04-30

APF launches charity sale again this year, two charity edition APF‧Ahiru No Pekkle T-shirts are lovely. Please support and help underprivileged children with autism access effective treatment!

The luminous effect and gold foil design of Pekkle T-shirts are very eye-catching. They are available at HK$188 each, HK$360 for two; each will be delivered together with a complimentary shopping bag. Let’s join Pekkle to share love and care to children with autism!

Besides, we still have some Christmas towel sets and wreaths for charity sale. If you are interested, please also take them home.

Christmas Wreath: HK$399

Towel Set: HK$149 for 1 set, HK$280 for 2 sets

2 Towel Sets & 1 Wreath: HK$650

For details, please click here.

Order Enquiry: tel – 3583 0668 / email – event@apf.org.hk

You can also make an Online Donation to Help Children with Autism directly!