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We Have Not Stopped at this Critical Time…... 2020-07-06

The whole city recently focused on the distribution of HKD10,000 from the government. Have you received yet? Have you thought of how to use the money? Have a nice dinner, go shopping or save it……have you thought of donating a part of it to help those in need?

Intensive ABA treatment has been proven to help children with autism improve their conditions effectively, and APF provides related services for low-income families. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were forced to cancel or postpone several fundraising activities, including the fundraising gala dinner as planned in May. The gala dinner is our most important fundraising event which covers about 70% of the annual operating expenses for our charity services. This cancellation action has made our operation very challenging. 

During this difficult time, we desperately call for your donation for supporting us to continue to provide free/affordable ABA treatments for underprivileged children with autism, helping them reach their full potential.

Please Donate Now to Support Children with Autism!