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We Have Not Stopped at this Critical Time…... 2022-02-15

With the COVID-19 pandemic, underprivileged children with autism are in urgent need of extra support and Autism Partnership Foundation is determined to stand by them amidst the current situation.

Children with autism need access to treatment persistently in order to maintain and enhance their learning abilities, otherwise their progress will be reversed and their behavioural problems may be intensified as well.

We are striving to maintain the treatment services for children with autism. However, after serious consideration, we have no choice but to cancel or postpone several fundraising activities, including the annual fundraising gala dinner planned for May. The gala dinner is our most important annual fundraising event which covers about 70% of the annual operating expenses for our charity services. The cancellation has made our operation very challenging. 

During this difficult time, we desperately call for your donation for supporting us to continue to provide ABA treatments for underprivileged children with autism, helping them reach their full potential.

Please Donate Now to Support Children with Autism!