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Autism Awareness Actions 2021 2021-04-02

In response to "World Autism Awareness Day" on 2nd April designated by the United Nations, APF organises "Autism Awareness Actions" this year again for appealing the general public to understand autism and accept people with autism, and at the same time hope to raise more funds to help more children with autism. 

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“Accept my uniqueness   Understand your differences” is the theme of 2021.  Whether for ordinary people or people with autism, everyone can explore their interests and endless possibilities through various attempts. However, misunderstanding or unfamiliarity with autism from the mass hinders people with autism in believing themselves, making them feel doubtful towards their own abilities and even neglect their unique and outstanding areas. With the theme for the year, we call for everyone to be brave to explore your own possibilities, and to know and accept different people surround you.

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