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Italian Pizza Baking Party 2019-07-12

On an early summer day in June, we invited our beneficiaries to join us in our Pizza Baking Party and everyone arrived at the restaurant excitedly. Right after all the children put on their chef’s hats and aprons, our chef began to instruct everyone on how to make a pizza. “Splat!” went the pizza dough as both parents and their children punched down and flattened the dough into the desired circular shape of the crust, followed by spreading tomato sauce and placing cheese as well as other ingredients on the dough. While the pizzas were baking, we played some games as planned so that everyone could enjoy themselves while waiting for their pizzas. It was not too long before the distinct aroma of freshly baked pizzas filled the room, and the children rushed to collect their handmade pizzas. After taking photos with the pizzas, they enjoyed the pizzas with their parents, beaming with joy and satisfaction.

* Special acknowledgement to Hallmark Cards (HK) Ltd. for their full support in this event