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Family Service

Why Family Service? 

Autism is a huge concept for many mothers, fathers and siblings to comprehend. When a child is newly or recently diagnosed, family members are coming up to a major personal or environment transition. Many undergo difficulties in engaging with the problematic behaviors from the child at home or in the community. Some may also have difficulties in going through the loss and grieving process. 

The Impact of ASD

Caring for a child with autism can be a tremendous emotional, financial and physical strain.  Parents feel judged by society, guilty that their child is missing out and not knowing how best to help them, which all takes a toll on the parents and siblings.  For many families, at least one parent cannot work and often families break up under the stress of living with someone with autism, which puts a massive financial burden on them. 

Siblings, too, suffer from being in a very stressful environment, unable to socialise because of the difficulties at home, and unable to go out as a family. Some become carers for their autistic sibling in an effort to help their parents, and the strain and neglect is well documented to have long term psychological effects. Siblings desperately need time out away from their autistic brother or sister to enjoy the same sort of activities and social experiences as their peers.

Effects on Siblings

  • Feel let out and resentful
  • High level of stress 
  • Extra emotional support
  • Caregiver responsibility
Effects on Parents
  • High level of stress & anxiety 
  • Financial burdens
  • Disharmony in the family



  • 30% of siblings of autistic children have some associated difficulties in behavior, learning, or development  (Source : National Institute of Child Health and Human Development )
  • 27% reduction in overall annual family income (Source : Center for Autism Research)
  • 9.7% more likely to get divorced than their peers (Source : Journal of Family Psychology)

What We Do to Help? 

To support low income families with children with autism, APF provides free services for parents or caregivers of individuals who are in particular need of support and information on Autism.  

The children services we currently offer include:

Families and NGOs are welcome to contact us about our free services.