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Aoi Pui School

Aoi Pui School (APS) is a self-financed project operated by APF, the only primary school tailor-made for children with ASD in Hong Kong with bilingual curriculum. Please visit the website of Aoi Pui School for the details of tuition fee.

APS is registered under the Education Bureau of Hong Kong. We adopt ABA, a scientific proven approach that enables our students to achieve the best possible learning outcome. We offer both formal school curriculum and Autism-specific curriculum, subjects include Language, Mathematics, General Studies, Visual Arts, PE, Social Skills Training, Self-Care Skills Training and more.

Our Staff 

Our registered teachers are unique in that they are therapists first, teachers second. We adopt a highly selective hiring process and all teachers have to undergo an intensive training (160 hours) of ABA and receive over 450 hours of supervision in their first year of service. This is highly beneficial to our students as all our teaching staff are able to teach skills in speech, emotional management, social skills, play, leisure and other Autism related areas all times throughout the teaching hours in replacement of the traditional pull out therapy service.

School Curriculum

We design our classrooms to be equipped with a high teacher ratio. This allows us the flexibility to adapt to various sizes and groupings of students, as well as for different subjects and curriculums, so that all students receive the right intensity and needs for attention. The high teacher ratio also enables us to match student’s progress flexibly with level of support from teachers, and form an alignment with the Individualised Education Programme’s goals. We also provide a wide range of individual or group activities so that students can develop their strengths outside school hours, extracurricular and supplementary topics include piano lesson, drama and dance.

From the year of 2013 – 2016, 50% of students who left APS have successfully transferred to mainstream schools. For students who continue their studies at APS will receive specialised placement with our high level of expertise in planning and systematic teaching, generating exceptional outcomes in skills and knowledge. The curriculum emphasises the training of basic work skills and development of good work habits, a positive work attitude and an understanding of one’s rights and obligations in work situations.

For enquiries, please contact: 3583 0668.