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One-on-One Training Helps Children Effectively 2019-02-21

Each child has their own different developmental needs and there are currently different training courses for children with autism offered. Sometimes parents do not know whether the treatments are effective or appropriate for their children or not. Wing’s mother also has this experience, below is the sharing from her:

When Wing was 2 years old, she could not speak or even make sounds. She was referred for further assessments. I was upset after she was diagnosed with autism. In order to help Wing improve, I looked hard for different types of training for her.

I found APF on the Internet and realised that APF provides one-on-one Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) treatment, which is very different from other group training that I knew of. And it is very intensive, five days a week. I believe an individualised training can focus more on Wing’s developmental needs and help her improve, so I applied for APF’s treatment.

After a month of training, Wing’s ability to follow instructions improved as well we her adaptability and motivations for making sounds. She also surprised me by imitating movements. Although she is still stubborn in some ways, such as not following adults when we go out. I understand that she is weak at expressing herself and that can make her bad tempered. I will keep using the therapist’s methods and hope that Wing can continue to improve.

(Recorded by APF)