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Learning Buddies programme stories 2021-03-16

“Environmental Ambassadors”

Our therapists always design interesting activities to enrich our little buddies’ knowledge in daily life. The theme of this day was recycling. The therapists arranged a recycling sorting game. The buddies first walked around the hoop when the music started. When the music stopped, buddies became Environmental Ambassadors! They immediately picked up the items such as plastic bottles and aluminum cans on the ground and put them into appropriate recycling bins. Everyone was having fun and also learning how to classify different types of waste and the usage of recycling bins.

“A Cold Wind Blows”

“The big wind blows if you wear short pants!” One day, our therapists played a cold wind blows game with the buddies to challenge their listening and observation skills. When a therapist described an attribute, the buddies who fit in the category had to leave their seats and find another seat. The buddies did not know where they should go at first. It was also uneasy for the “leader” to think of a new category to continue the game. After a few rounds, the buddies started to get familiar with the game rules. The therapists then gradually provided less assistance and let them lead the game.

“Stop & Go”

One day, there was a burst of laughter from the classroom. It was found that our therapist was playing the “Stop & Go” game with the little buddies. This game is similar to the “Red Light, Green Light” game. The buddies had to walk when they saw the green “Go” sign and to stop when they saw the red “Stop” sign. The therapist switched the signs quickly to train the buddies’ reactions. After a few rounds, the buddies ran forward for the “Go” sign and froze for the “Stop” sign. The therapist then asked the buddies to take turns to lead the game for enhancing their social interactions.

“Flying Chess”

Everyone must have played the classic flying chess. Our therapists also arranged a flying chess competition in our group training, but definitely it was not an ordinary flying chess game. We had based on each buddy’s developmental needs to formulate the game, and also integrated their personal training goals into it. The buddies first chose their favourite toy cars as their chess pieces and then took turns to roll the dice. After rolling the dice, the buddies had to answer a question in order to move their cars forward. Our therapists asked Ho about the characteristics of a minibus. For other buddies, we asked different questions, such as telling the number of points on the dice. All the buddies felt excited and wanted to be the first one to reach the destination!

“Following Traffic Rules and Etiquette”

One day, the little buddies were practising how to cross the road safely and take public transports. The buddies followed traffic lights and crossed the road carefully. Besides, they learnt how to line up on a station platform and get on a train in an orderly manner. While the buddies were sitting nicely, a therapist acted as an old lady walking inside the train compartment. A buddy offered his seat to her immediately. What a heartwarming act!

Carson, Hong, Lok, Hin, Kiu, Yeung, Alma, Isaac, Ho, Eden and Ranon were invited to present their perspective as an educational opportunity for addressing the awareness of ASD and the importance of early-intervention. Carson, Hong, Lok, Hin, Kiu, Yeung, Alma and Isaac are past beneficiaries at Autism Partnership Foundation (operating in Hong Kong). Ho, Eden and Ranon are current beneficiaries of APF, HK.