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Good Things Keep On Coming 2019-03-15

Many parents of children with autism seek different training methods during the best window for treatment. Below is the sharing from Kit’s mother:

When Kit was 17 months old, he liked self-spinning and taking escalators. He was also very afraid of strangers and unfamiliar surroundings. My brother suggested that I should take Kit to a clinical assessment because of Kit’s autism-like behaviours. After Kit was diagnosed with autism, I took up the sole responsibility of taking care of Kit since my husband needed to work. I felt helpless and anxious, and lost my temper often. But I knew I had to grasp the golden period of treatment, so I started to seek suitable training courses for Kit.

A social worker understood that I could not afford expensive treatment and therefore introduced me to the One-month Intensive Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) Treatment provided by APF. I was pleased that Kit quickly adapted to APF’s environment and was willing to try new things and became more conscientious. He did not know many verbs before treatment. The therapist emphasised on his language skills and he began to use complete sentences. My husband and I are really glad to see his improvement.

I am thankful to APF and the therapists. They provide effective treatment for low-income families like us. Good things will keep on coming. I feel more relaxed and hope that Kit will continue to improve.

(Recorded by APF)