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Getting Well Equipped to Support Our Children 2018-10-25

When Ming was one-and-a-half-year-old, I noticed that he was different from other children. He did not speak and did not make eye contact with people. Ming was diagnosed with autism at three years old. I was very concerned and worried about him as I had no knowledge about autism and what services available for him in the society. The social worker then provided me some information about special education, so I started to arrange various trainings for him.

After that I heard about APF from a friend and his son had finished training here with huge improvements, thus I applied for the one-month ABA training for him. Before the training, Ming did not look at people when he talked but improvement has been seen in the first few days that he looked at me when he talked to me. I was thrilled to see his improvements.

Besides, I have attended a parent talk held by APF recently about teaching children how to learn which was quite fruitful because the speaker taught us how to teach children regarding their behavioural problems and provided a different perspective for us to solve them. I had attended other parent talks before about Special Education Needs and I felt like they were not describing my son. On the other hand, the parent talk held by APF was more focused and specialised on autism. I hope there will be more in the future so that I can equip myself to support Ming.

(Recorded by APF)