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1 Month Intensive Treatment Beneficiaries 2021-11-30

“Im willing to drink water now!”

Yin was rigid. He refused to drink water before the treatment. He was only willing to drink soy milk with a specific package, which worried his mother a lot. Our therapist gradually guided Yin to use a straw to drink soy milk, then use a spoon, a cup and finally a water bottle. Yin started to consume soy milk in different ways. The therapist then tried to let him drink water. He finally did not reject and was willing to drink water! Yin was willing to drink water with a bottle not only at our centre but also at home and at school. The progress greatly alleviated the mother’s worry.


Following instructions 

Many children with ASD are not good at following instructions, which hinders their learning. Jacob was reluctant to follow the therapist’s instructions in the early stage of treatment and also walked around often. The therapist therefore used systematic teaching methods and rewards to strengthen his compliance. When the therapist asked Jacob to come back for practices, he immediately put down the toys and sat down nicely. He could also complete different exercises, such as describing picture cards, communicating with others actively and eating independently. His progress was significant in different aspects.


“I want!”

Emma could only pronounce “a” and “e” sounds at the beginning of the treatment. She also had poor articulation. Our therapist taught Emma to imitate single words begin with different initials and gradually raised the difficulty to practise short sentences. The therapist also created opportunities for Emma to express her needs in words. On this day, the therapist was practising with Emma during snack time. Emma was trying hard to say “I want chips.” Although her pronunciation was a bit unclear, it is encouraging to see her improvement from only pronouncing a few sounds to saying short sentences in just one month!



Yin, Jacob and Emma were invited to present their experience in receiving ABA services with Autism Partnership Foundation (operating in Hong Kong) (APF, HK). Yin, Jacob and Emma are past beneficiaries of APF, HK.