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1 Month Intensive Treatment Beneficiaries 2019-09-18

 “Do you like lemon tea or orange juice?”

One day, Chit Yui greeted a staff at APF softly and asked her if she liked lemon tea or orange juice. The staff said lemon tea, then Chit Yui said bye and walked away. The therapist revealed that Chit Yui resisted to interact with strangers, so he was training Chi Yui to speak loud and to talk to people actively. Chi Yui came over to talk to other people actually was a part of the training!

“I’m not a picky eater anymore!”

Ming was very picky about food. Our therapist once let Ming try a small piece of tomato, he frowned at the therapist and spat it out immediately. We then asked Ming’s mother to prepare some food that Ming had never tried before for our training. The therapist cut food into small pieces first and encouraged Ming to have a try by giving him rewards. Ming gradually became more willing to try different types of food and even finished all the food on his plate. That was amazing!

“I want Mr. Potato Head’s eyes!”

Children with autism always cry when they encounter something that upsets them. Shing Hei cried all the time when he first came to APF. He cried for 2 hours and could not calm down. Shing Hei liked Mr. Potato Head very much, so our therapist taught him to express by words through Mr. Potato Head and different games. When Shing Hei was combining the parts to form Mr. Potato Head, he actively asked for the eyes by saying “I want the eyes”.

“A warm hug”

One day, we were touched by seeing Yuna hugging our therapist. This simple action was the results of hard work. Yuna always looked around and did not respond to others when she first came to APF. Our therapist helped Yuna understand different instructions such as “come back” and “sit down” by giving her rewards and physical prompts. A hug was worth a thousand words. We were delighted to see that Yuna became more motivate to learn.

Chit Yui, Ming, Shing Hei and Yuna were invited to present their experience in receiving ABA services with Autism Partnership Foundation (operating in Hong Kong) (APF, HK). Chit Yui, Shing Hei and Yuna are past beneficiaries of APF, HK. Ming is a current beneficiary of APF, HK.