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1 Month Intensive Treatment Beneficiaries 2018-11-05


Yin is a very cute boy who loves animal toys a lot. However, his verbal development is delayed comparing to kids of same age. Therefore, our therapist emphasised on training his verbal imitation and voicing ability. After a series of training, Yin spoke out the word “chicken” clearly. All of us were thrilled to see his improvement. His mother was relieved that Yin started to communicate his needs verbally and was able to imitate different sounds and words. 

“Sit nicely”

On the first day of Ming’s training, he just lay down on our large bean bag. Our therapists noticed that Ming had low motivation in following instructions and never being requested to work, therefore, it was common to see him lying down. Thus, in the first few days of the training, our therapist focused on changing his normal form of lying down to sitting nicely on a chair. Meanwhile, our therapist also rotated the reinforcer frequently in order to maintain his interest and motivation to follow instructions. By the end of the training, Ming became more motivated and attentive.

“I love puzzles”

One day, Hin was running in the corridor. It was because he wanted to escape from the training. Every time when he felt bored or difficult, he would run away from his seat or smile to escape from the training. Our therapist then found out Hin’s interest in puzzles, so whenever he finished a task, our therapist would let him play with his favourite puzzles. Gradually, Hin could sit well without any reminder and no longer escape from the training!

To sustain the training effectiveness, our therapist taught Hin’s mother about our token system and some training techniques which fit for Hin, so that Hin’s mother can practice with Hin at home.

“I want to outfight the therapist!”

Ming did not make eye contact and had low motivation to think and learn at first. In order to motivate Ming to think and respond to questions, our therapist became an opponent to him and set up a competition with him. Our therapist requested Ming to answer questions in five seconds and always reminded him by using a countdown timer, at the same time allowed him to raise questions to win over her. Ming became more enthusiastic in the competition and more willing to think in the later stage. After one month, Ming’s mother said he made more eye contact and became more willing to think and learn.

“I can be a good boy”

It is often hard for children without an adequate language ability to express themselves fully and thus not have their requests taken care of. This might cause them to throw tantrum at times and this is one of the problems with Fo Fo before the treatment. Refusing to eat fruits and creating verbal stimulations also caused concerns to his parents, but after the treatment that catered specifically for his case, Fo Fo is now willing to eat a small amount of fruits and cut down the verbal stimulation.

"I am Mr. Courtesy"

Jaden is a very direct child, always speaking whatever comes into mind, especially when his requests got denied, he would throw out harsh words which greatly affects his and others’ emotions. After training, Jaden is able to control his cursing and becomes more willing to learn and pay attention in class.