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“Believe your child can improve with effective training.” 2020-08-20

Many parents with children with autism are always eager to see their children’s improvement. Hailey’s mother felt frustrated by Hailey’s slow progress after receiving different training programmes. She has finally realised the importance of effective treatment when she saw the significant changes of her daughter by receiving Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) treatment.

Hailey’s mother never thought of Hailey might have autism. When she was applying kindergartens for Hailey but did not receive any offers, she began to suspect that Hailey might have developmental disorders. She then searched about developmental disorders online and found that Hailey might have autism. “I initially thought children with autism have severe developmental delays and often lose their temper. Hailey was just like an ordinary kid, so I was confused and scared.” At that time, she was worried and therefore took Hailey for a comprehensive assessment. She recalled, “The diagnosis came as a thunderbolt and I felt guilty about letting her play with tablets in the past.”

Hailey’s mother wanted to seize the golden training period, so she actively arranged training courses for Hailey, such as speech therapy. The training cost was expensive but the effectiveness was insignificant. She said, “The cost of the training courses was a heavy burden to us. I was eager to see Hailey’s improvement but it did not turn out as I intended. I felt very helpless and anxious. Later, some parents introduced APF’s ABA treatment, so I applied it right away.” 

Hailey’s mother was amazed by Hailey’s progress after receiving ABA treatment. Hailey’s spontaneous language skills and awareness of the surroundings have strengthened a lot. She can now walk with her heels touching the ground instead of walking on tiptoes. Hailey’s mother shared, “ABA treatment is very systematic and is the most effective treatment for autism. It has helped Hailey equip foundation skills so that she can learn new things faster. I feel much more relieved now.”

Hailey’s mother has gained more confidence in Hailey’s ability and development. She believes that children can make progress if they receive appropriate training promptly. She would like to encourage other parents of children with autism, “Each child has his/ her own talents. As long as we help our children access to effective treatment timely, our children can develop their potential.”

Hailey’s mother was invited to share her perspective on ASD and ABA services with Autism Partnership Foundation (operating in Hong Kong) (APF, HK). Hailey is a past beneficiary of APF, HK.