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Free Early Identification Training for Schools

 Starting from 2016, Autism Partnership Foundation (APF) will be offering free support to all schools, in particular kindergartens in Hong Kong to improve early detection and teacher knowledge about autism.  Autism is often identified early in a child's life at the age of 2 to 3 years old.  Kindergartens teachers are often the first person to notice differences in a child's development and as a result, it is critical they are well informed about autism.

 APF will provide

1. A senior clinician to visit schools to conduct a training on autism and its related issues.

The training will last for 2 hours and include:

      Basic facts and common myths associated with autism:

  • How autism affects social skills?
  • How autism affects language skills?
  • How autism affects play and leisure development?
  • How autism may cause disruptive behaviour?
  • How autism affects a child in a classroom?
  • The autism diagnosis
  • What you can do if you suspect a child in your class has autism?
2. Specially designed materials for teachers that can assist in learning more about the disorder and how to identify it.
3. Follow up workshops for teachers attending the first training to discuss, role play and gain more  competency in facing parents who have children they suspect might have difficulties.


Teachers attending the training will be given the dates of the free follow-up workshops through the year.

If you are interested in having our staff to visit your school and receiving our materials, please email to service@apf.org.hk

To register for the free service, please download the form and return the completed form to us.