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What We Do
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Aoi Pui School Aoi Pui School, the only school catered for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), is a private primary school registered under the Education Bureau (EDB) of Hong Kong. It was founded by the Autism Partnership Foundation in 2007 to help support families and children with ASD with suitable autism-specific schooling.

To provide an environment for quality and flexible learning and teaching setting, the school runs in a small class of 8 or less with a high teacher-student ratio of 1:2 and offers both English and Cantonese-medium classes.

More than 100 students who enrolled Aoi Pui School in the past years and many of them have been able to transfer to mainstream schools, and need not require much, or any assistance in regular learning settings. Some continue to stay at Aoi Pui School for a learning environment that best suits their learning needs. 

Our Staff Are All Trained Therapists 

aoi pui school staff photoAll of our teachers have been trained extensively in the application of Applied Behavior Analysis at 420 hours.They apply this therapy approach to general education. As a result all the teachers have a complete understanding of how to teach therapeutic areas such as speech, emotional regulation and social skills as well as academic subjects. Critical Therapy can be provided throughout the day as opposed to pull out sessions or limited time with qualified professionals.

For more information about Aoi Pui School, please visit www.apschool.edu.hk

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Address : 16 Station Lane, Hung Hom, Kowloon
Tel : (852) 2526 3061
Fax : (852) 2526 3229
Email : admin@apschool.edu.hk
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Student Sponsorship Program

With the funds raised from our donors, APF has initiated a student sponsorship program to sponsor children from the underprivileged families to attend Aoi Pui School.