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Learning from baking 2018-10-29

Children learn different things through different life experiences, and learning surely can happen in a kitchen. We arranged a cookie workshop for our beneficiaries. The children felt curious of the cartoon cookie done by the teacher for his demonstration. One child could not wait to taste and took a bite of it!

In the process of making, the parents and children paid attention to the instructions and demonstrations given by the teacher. They measured and divided the dough into several dough balls with different sizes, then added some natural colorants and kneaded them to different shapes for making a cartoon face, ears and clothes. With the help of the teacher and volunteers, they managed each step patiently and carefully. Finally, they combined them into one big piece of dough with the shape of the cartoon face, and cut it into many small pieces for baking. When the cookies were ready, they started to draw faces and write words on them excitedly by using food colouring markers.

The parents and children all had a great time and looked forward to sharing the cookies with their friends. In addition, we learnt the procedures of making a delicious cartoon cookie through this workshop and understood that being patient is very important for making food!

Acknowledgement: Hallmark Cards (HK) Ltd. and its staff