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“Life, Animated” ​Screening cum Public Talk 2019-04-11

On April 6, APF held “Life, Animated” Screening cum Public Talk at the Hong Kong Space Museum Lecture Hall, welcoming our beneficiaries and the public. We hoped that the public could learn more about people with autism and accept them through the movie.

The movie shown was a documentary film called “Life, Animated”. It tells the story of Owen Suskind, who is a man with autism. The film is also the winner of Sundance Film Festival – Directing Award (Documentary) and Oscar nominee for Best Documentary. Through Owen’s story, the audience learnt about the difficulties of people with autism and their families, their behaviours and thoughts as well.

Besides, Ms. Kan Wong, an experienced Applied Behavioural Analysis therapist, was invited to hold  a talk after the movie screening. She explained thoroughly what Autism Spectrum Disorder is. She highlighted that parenting styles do not cause a child to have autism and early science-based treatments can help children with autism effectively. She also encouraged the participants to understand and accept autism more, so that people with autism can integrate smoothly into the society. This wonderful movie and the public talk made everyone’s weekend meaningful.