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Autism Partnership Foundation is always dedicated in providing supports to individuals with Autism and educating the industries and public through organizing conferences, events and workshops.

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2018-12-03 “A” Blue Christmas

Christmas in Blue!
Blue is synonymous with supporting autism. APF is going to enrich the meaning of Christmas starting from this year by our campaign - “A” Blue Christmas.
2018-11-26 Parents Talk

In order to provide parents with the knowledge and skills to deal with the behavioural problems of their children with autism, we organised an interactive workshop for parents on 24th November.
2018-10-29 Learning from baking

Children learn different things through different life experiences, and learning surely can happen in a kitchen.
2018-09-29 Come and Discover the Food Culture in the Old Days

Food is an essential part of everyone’s life. We arranged a visit to Tao Heung Museum of Food Culture to let our beneficiaries to learn about Hong Kong’s food culture and history.
2018-08-31 Great News for MTR Fans

Many children are obsessed with trains, so we have arranged a visit to the MTR Safety Experience Zone.
2018-06-29 Creative Potted Plant Workshop cum Parent Talk

Thanks to Credit Suisse (HK) Limited for sponsoring the activity and providing the venue, APF has invited about 20 children to participate in a potted plant workshop.
2018-04-20 Dress Blue Day Party 2018

We invited over 120 children and parents to join our Dress Blue Day Party at Novotel Citygate Hong Kong on 15 April.
2018-04-02 Dress Blue Day 2018 (2 April)

APF organised “Dress Blue Day” again on 2 April, in respond to “World Autism Awareness Day”. The campaign aimed at calling on everyone to dress in blue which symbolise “showing support to individuals with Autism“.
2018-03-03 “I want to be a Postman”

We were excited to visit the heartland of Hongkong Post with our children and their parents in early March.
2018-02-28 Evening Parent Talk

Most of the parents have to work, so they usually cannot attend our daytime talks on weekdays. For this reason, we organised a weekday evening talk for parents in late February.